Grand Rising Indeed

Yesterday I cried a lot so I retired to bed earlier than usual, feeling somewhat exhausted from the release. Today I rose around 5:30am. The sun had just begun to peek out through the clouds and into my window to say hello. I slept really well. My dreams were amazing, insightful, and I did some good work to manifest them as my reality. I didn’t even fully grasp the work I had done in my dream state until a few hours after waking… I’m so thankful for the guidance I received during my dreams. After waking I did some breath work. It was short but it was all I needed today. I went downstairs and said grand rising to my mom, to which she replied, while laughing, “Indeed!” haha. I thought that was cute. Lately my mom and I have been laughing a lot together in the mornings! Its such a nice way to start the day. I took some pink Himalayan salt with water to assist my hydration for the day, then went outside and watered the plants. I have a gourd of some sort growing and its moving quickly! I think it’s trying to take over the whole garden space! Which is alright, because we only have one other plant growing at the moment, a small campanula bush (with purple flowers!) that I planted a few years ago. I’m honestly surprised it’s lasted this long, I got it at Trader Joe’s and I was told it would only flower once, but it’s flowered many, many times since planting it. I went back up to my room and gave my kitty Hendrix some love. He wanted a lot of forehead kisses today :3 Then I did a little bit of kundalini yoga (it’s helpful to exercise after taking the salt to help it integrate into my cells, plus it feels good to use my body early in the morning). I have a youtube video I follow but I didn’t feel like doing the whole thing, I’d say I spent about 20 minutes doing it. It felt very good! My body was clearly thankful for the exercise. I sipped on some green tea (Sencha Tea from Trader Joe’s, to be exact) while checking things online. I have felt very inspired to make videos the last few weeks, so I also prepared to do some research on something I’d like to talk about in a video to share with my loved ones! And whoever else needs to hear it… It’ll be up for the public to see, and I’ll post it here too when it’s done :) I’m excited for this new journey! I was reading a tarot card for today and it was the 3 of Cups, part of it says to observe the things that are being birthed into your life, as well as the things spirit is calling you to give birth to. I got chills when I read that!!! Spirit touched me like, guuuuurl you got lots of good stuff to create! This blog post is one small step. Just thought I’d keep y’all updated and hopefully inspired as well! Now on to do some research… What are you giving birth to? Leave me a comment, I’d love to connect and support my community!

Milk & Honey

Our authenticity brings us prosperity and opportunity. We are awake to the unlimited possibilities available to us, we rejoice in that and utilize our tools and skills to authentically create together, bringing us closer to each other. We encourage each other to tap into our sensuality, and we connect through shared moments of sweetness. We are abundant and deeply nourished. We love each other and support each other as sisters. We see that being our true authentic selves is how our spirit can shine it’s light where it’s meant to, and when we allow that, we receive the abundance that is rightfully ours.


yo. simon lee got naked on the bike path running above the freeway. did it for the ART. WHAT A GAL, AM I RIGHT??

simon lee

there’s just something about her full name that’s so beautiful, i’ve been putting it everywhere lol/// we met at a mutual friend’s art showing and i was immediately like,,, in awe of how beautiful she is. i was already imagining how i would want to photograph her. PEOPLE ARE ART, MAN. it’s a beautiful world we live in, made more beautiful by the people in it.. we chilled all day and created this set of photos together, it was a really cool experience working with her on this. she came up with groovy ideas and went with the creative flow so easily. I wish every shoot could be like that <3

the world of composites

i’ve always really liked making photo composites - which is basically just an image created with multiple other images. it’s one of the things that’s remained consistent throughout my creative endeavors. yeserday i spent a few hours just playin with some images, and this is what came of it…

practice makes... somethin'

throughout shooting today i found myself wishing for things to be different. but i had already captured so many beautiful images... i strive to be better, which is why i am who i am today.. but i am doing my best, so there's no need for those negative thoughts. this is the best i can do with where i am now, both in my photography and in other aspects of life... and i'm happy with that, simply because i know it's my best.

big house hat

this morning i made a smoothie and went outside to sip on it and soak in the sun. I sat and contemplated what i should do with my day... I looked around and decided to clean up the backyard. I pulled weeds from the garden and watered it - my poor tomato plant is getting fried in this az sunshine, i hope she makes it... there's a bunch of lush greenery growing on the ground around my garden, and when i finished cleaning up i felt like i needed to lay in it.. and boyyyyyy it felt SO GOOD. thank you mother earth for energizing me!! I looked up at the sun hitting the wall next to me and felt inspired to take some pictures. none of the ones in the lush greenery i laid in made the final cut, but i think these came out pretty cool ~



i've kept up some ugly habits to supress my feelings lately.. today I decided I'd stay home and just feel man. feel whatever it is i need to feel so i can proceed in a healthy manner. I enjoy feeling all these feelings, i just get overwhelmed by them sometimes. But it feels good to feel at all... I find it beautiful that i can feel such a wide range of things. 

these images capture a lot of what i have been feeling this morning. this is a reminder that there is beauty in the pain. 

standin on the sun

I was on the way home from a short trip to California with Dyan. The sun was setting behind us and I saw in one of the mirrors a fiery orange starting to show in the clouds. 

"Dyan do you mind pulling over so i can take some pictures?" 

*Dyan immediately pulls over to the side of the road*

(haha, gotta keep around friends like this)

Where we pulled over was perfect, there was a fence along the road, but where we pulled up there was a gate sitting open, almost calling me in... I grabbed my tripod and camera, started setting it up, watching the sun and envisioning just what angle I needed...

The wind was pretty fierce. When i got out of the car i had to squint a lot cuz the sand was getting in my face :p

Here's what came of this moment...

new surroundings

A while ago I went with my mom to one of her counselling appointments. There's a really nice park literally in the back of the building, with a man-made lake and ducks and trees everywhere. so lovely!! I spent my time under a tree watching passersby, meditating with the sun, and reading from a life-changing book called "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. Afterward we went to whole foods, then to a different park to eat together. My mom spoke on the phone with my brother, and while she did so I made friends with this man at the park named Bill; he told me tales of his life as it was.